Clock Tower Washington County Courthouse


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Georgia has more counties than any other state except Texas, a circumstance that has given the state a wealth of historic courthouses. Twenty-two of these stand in East Central Georgia. All are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and most are open to visitors during normal business hours.

Clock Tower Johnson County Courthouse

Why are they important? Historian Wilber W. Caldwell perhaps said it best:

Clock Tower Baldwin County Courthouse"Just as the building stood at the center of the Southern town, it stood at the center of Southern life. Just as all roads in the county converged upon the courthouse square, all the twisting roads of Southern social being came together at that same place. the building was strangely wound around and through, not just Southern conscious life, but Southern heritage. In it were deeds to land, vouchers for inheritance, family trees, proof of birth, marriage licenses, testaments to births of children, liens on property, receipts for taxes. Here Southerners voted, officially met to discuss matters of import, and judged their neighbors. Its bell rang out calamity, heralded victory, tolled death. In this one building, like no other, was the pattern of Southern life-hopes and fears and every detail in between."

From The Courthouse and the Depot by
Wilber W. Caldwell, Mercer University Press, 2001

Map of  East Central Georgia's Historic Courthouses 

Map of  East Central Georgia's Historic Courthouses